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Step 1: Read the rules


Step 2: Provide a preliminary submission for selection


Preliminary Submissions for Selection:

  • As close to a fine cut as possible.
  • Include temp track music on your preliminary submission that is a rough suggestion of what will played the night of the festival live.
  • Submission submitted without a temporary musical score are harder to judge and lessen your chance of being selected.


Submit via:

  • FAMST Main Office
  • Hard Drive
  • Flash Drive
  • Blu Ray
  • DVD



  • Link to Uploaded video
  • With password if applicable
  • Put in subject: "Preliminary Submission"
  • By May 12th at 4pm


Step 3: Fill out this form:


Step 4: Wait to hear back from us, we will let you know either way! • Copyright © 2017 REEL Loud Silent Film Festival, All Right Reserved